Our Mission:


Have you ever GISHed? The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt (GISH) is a week-long game designed to bring out the weirdest, most creative, & adventurous sides of people while doing good. GISH has teams of 9-15 people in over 100 countries competing to win prizes. The name may sound familiar because it's made headline news breaking 7 Guinness World Records & NASA even named a mountain on Mars after it.

This year, GISH is occurring July 27 - Aug. 3 & our team, Ministry of Absurdity is competing again! 


Our Mission: Absurdity

As a part of the game, GISHers all over the world will revel in weird, fun, & creative challenges competing in teams while doing some good.

So whether it's decorating ourselves, performing acts of kindness, getting rowdy at a bar dressed in scuba gear, letting kids go crazy painting on the walls, or even one of us handpainting Putin on a Ritz cracker, our team—Ministry of Absurdity—is down for it!


The Impact of GISH

Last year, GISHers around the globe came together to save 600 cats & dogs as well as providing 250 acres of land to survivors of the horrific Rwandan genocide rebuilding their lives. This year, a portion of every GISH registration is helping support MAG International’s efforts to remove unexploded bombs left over from the Vietnam War saving the lives of Laotian citizens.

But that's just a small part of all the good done as GISH was created to wake up the world changing it for the weirder & better!



Some of the best things from past GISHes have been the random acts of crazy kindness that have made people's days a little easier




A particularly touching result of GISH has been the number of people who have signed up to save lives



Dollars Raised

GISHers have astonishingly raised this huge amount across a variety of charities


The GISH Challenges

At the start of GISH, a list of 200+ hilarious, kind, artistic, charitable, & creative challenges is posted which will garner team points.  Each GISH team member chooses a variety of different challenges to take on for their team (individually & with teammates), & then submits photo/video evidence of what they did. GISH reviews each submission, tallies the team's points, & then gives out awards/prizes.

But win or lose, it's a helluva lot of fun as you can see from a few of the most beloved challenges from 2018 shown below:


Item #13 (39 points)

Laughter is contagious, and you’re “patient zero.” Lay on your back and have someone put their head on your stomach. Then keep adding to the chain of people (heads on stomachs) and make the longest chain of people you can— minimum 10 people.

Then give a deep, sustained, belly laugh and let it ripple through your chain. Bonus points for the laughter chain with most participants, so spread the mirth like there is no cure. See our video.

Item #12 (38 points)

Perform the chorus to your favorite song or your personal anthem in sign language. Please subtitle the song so that those who don’t know sign language can follow along. See our video.

Item #182 (71 points)

It's time to exorcise...get thee to a cycling class! A priest, nun, or other representative usually called upon to perform exorcisms, in full traditional costume leading a spin class. See our image.



The weirdest combo of all of the best things:
creativity, compassion, & courage.

Plus a little WTF for good measure. 

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